Yummi, vetch *v*
Chibi works hard for her food :P

tired girls

"did i hear dandelion?" :B

"do you have some food for me?" *v*


"mommy brought some new playthingy. i have to check it out!" :B


well, and these are the …. bosses of the house :D

look how awe-inspiring and graceful they are.
especially nuka :P

"so how do i get this ball there at the other end of this ‘tunnel’?"

he seriously needed some minutes to figure it out :’D

Anonymous: Just to let you know, fruits like melons are no good for your chinchillas! They should only be given DRIED fruits, and those should be given in small quantities (due to their high sugar content).

just to let you know, dried fruit have a lot more sugar than fresh ones so why shouldn’t i kill my chins with fresh fruit if i could kill them with dried ones? ^^

well……… some people are freaking out about this pic of mika eating melon but if you all just reblog and post some text i can’t answer you.
so this answer isn’t only for you, anon, but for all who’re interested at all.

i have never ever seen a pellet tree out in the natural habitat of chinchillas, so their digestive system isn’t made for pellets..
most pellets are composed of pressed hay plus additives. i don’t like this shitty stuff.

so the diet of my chins isn’t composed of ‘only fruits’, you know, i don’t want to kill them -.-
but i think the best feedings for them is a natural feeding so their basically food are dried herbs, leaves, flowers, etc, seeds and hay.
but there is also fresh food every day. during winter they get some culinary herbs, much (probortional!) salat, vegetables and some fruits (basically apples)
now that it’s getting warmer i’m going to pick up fresh herbs, leaves and grass and stuff they’ll get instead of the salat.
their basically food will still be dried food.
nikita, flake and chichi know this food for two years and still look well.
even flake is getting better and looks beautiful and healthy (her chronic illness isn’t caused by her feeding but bad breeding -.-)

so if your chins got many different kinds of food (herbs, leaves, etc) they start getting choosy what they need and what not. this is a natural behaviour.
and only mika ate the melon. the others weren’t interested at all :’D
and mika is still alive btw.
my chins know fresh food so they don’t have any problems with that.
but you have to accustom them very slowly to fresh food. generelly to all other food if your chins got only pellets and hay..
but it works and it is healthy.

btw my chins got melons once a year if at all. just like grapes or other fruit with a lot of sugar. (raisins are dried grapes….. i don’t want to know how much sugar is in there v-v )


bucket also loves to eat water instead of drinking it.. :’D

all in all he’s my sea horse, not my dog. he totally loves water <3


bucket likes to dive for leaves :P