there she is :)
such a beauty <3

after some rest she looks very well again, so we’ll see if she can fly so that i can let her free :)


so i found a pigeon today morning.
the poor thing was sitting on the roadside with it’s eyes closed even when i got near it.
when i tried to catch it, it tried to jump away but can’t fly..
it also had only some of it’s tail feathers left.
we had a storm last night. i think the pigeon was totally exhausted and maybe had some car crash…
so i got it home.
i hadn’t that much time, i was way to late for work, so i put it in some cage with food and water and i’ll see if it’s able to fly when i’m home.

i also had not the time to get one picture.


hey, new pics of my heartbreakers <3

i haven’t had that much time the last weeks to take pics of my babys. ALL my babys.
i hope it’ll get better now and i can be more active again on this blog :)


at first emil was a little afraid of water. now he loves it! and it’s just so cute to watch him bath and dive around <3

bucket playing around <3

i believe i can fly :D

little duckling first time outside <3

logi-bear *v*

aww, i haven’t visited him for one year. i’ve missed riding on him. he’s so cool :D

yeah, bucket had a little fun while i was at work Oo


hey, you remember mingy?
she has grown well and actually is as big as her mothers head *w*
she’s sooo cute and she’s a girl, as i hoped :D